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We all know, that many visitors also bring more sales. We help you to get these visitors to your website.

"Without advertising I would be a millionaire"
J.P. Getty - billionaire

Get more visitors for free

As a webmaster, we offer you the possibility to get thousands of visitors to your website without any hassle and effort.

How it works?

It´s simple. You sign up and receive a URL to the download of our surfbar. You will see different pages every 20 seconds. After that, a new page will be automatically loaded and you will get your credits.

You can also earn credits or money with paidmails, bonus campaigns and banner clicks.

Our best features in a overview

Credits with our surfbar, paidmails, bonus campaigns and banner clicks
200 start credits (after the first 60 credits)
Every 3000 points you will get an bonus of 200 credits
Manual checking of all websites
Ratio 10:7 with many bonus options
5 referal levels (0,1 / 0,04 / 0,03 / 0,02 / 0,01 credits)
Money box function
Jackpot function
Vouchers for active users
Suggest a joke of the day, you will get 50 bonus credits
Credits transfer option
Active bonus: Bonus credits for all members who surfed in the last 24 hours
Random Bonus: All 5,000 Surfbar pageviews, a bonus page with up to 500 bonus credits appears
If you report a rule offense, you receive 50 bonus credits

Download the surfbar and let´s go

What our members say about us


Finally, a solution to get new visitors automatically to my website!

Charlotte L.

I've been with you for a long time. So I'd like to say: you're great.

Kurt N.

I find this service extremely good and the support is it also.


A friend recommended me this page. I find it very helpfull.


A beautiful design and top advertising. Best visit exchange.


Advertise booking goes very fast, you rarely see this.


After my registration, i started the surfbar and immediately received visitors.


I´m very pleased with the advertise possibilities.

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