My traffic exchange is a free traffic exchange.

§ 2 - Availability
We take no guarantee of continued availability of this service.
We reserve the right to discontinue the service without giving any reason at any time or change.

§ 3 - Disclaimer
We accept no liability for any damage, except for gross negligence and willful damage. We do not guarantee error-free functionality.
The service remains free. However, we point out that it can come through the use of the exchange visitor to an increased traffic volume, which may arise, depending on provider additional cost. We are not liable for these costs.

§ 4 - Acceptable
- only 1 pop-ups - no framebreaks
Oops! all pages, or to earn money with more than 1 - popups or leads are gelöcht.
-framebreaks No, not even
-Referrals -Max. A pop
-We accept websites from all countries.
-No illegal content
-No load times on pages with 15 seconds
-No construction sites or incomplete pages
-No banner farms or single banner as advertising