Question: Why is the counter point to my website less

That a counter does not count all the calls can have many causes.
1.) Most counters use eg Reload one lock of 1 hour. But it may well happen that your website the same member in one hour is shown several times, then your counter is not even any call.
2.) Depending on the cache setting it may happen that your website does not properly loaded, when someone visits the site one more time, even in this case, the counter calling does not count.
3.) Depending on the speed of your server and the size of your hand, it may be that your page not fully loaded within 30 seconds and the counter will therefore not count. This problem exists particularly for FreeSpace users.
4.) When auto-surf your site is displayed in a frame. In some counters that are included in your page using JavaScript (eg nedstat), thus there is an error (access denied) and the counter does not matter.
These are the most common reasons of counters, not everyone call is counted, with the emphasis should certainly be based on No. 1.


Topic: Common
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2.) I need to know something.

Topic: Counter
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5.) Why is the counter point to my website less

Topic: Klamm-Lose gegen Credits tauschen
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Topic: Members recommend
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Topic: Punkte
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Topic: Regeln
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Topic: Surfen
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45.) Bei mir wird immer die gleiche Seite angezeigt, warum?
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53.) Wir benutzen einen DSL-Router und haben daher alle die gleiche IP-Adresse. Können wir trotzdem gleichzeitig surfen?
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Topic: URL-Verwaltung
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